Happy New Year Y’all,I hope your 2018 is starting on a good note.And the fuel scarcity did not affect you too much.I know,I know I haven’t been consistent with my blog but I hope to change that.

Back to the topic of the day,making your home look luxurious on a budget.

The living room is arguably the most important room in the home.We all want our homes to look lovely.Yet sometimes we wonder if our budgets will restrict us from achieving our dream living room .Unlike some of us,me included,that have champagne taste but live on a beer budget, lool!. There’s a secret to looking expensive without breaking the bank and for the love I have for my readers,I will be sharing these secrets with you.

1. Neutal Palette – Have you ever wondered why the interiors of most high-end or luxurious homes are always looking calm,clutter-free and sophisticated?Its because they are painted in a neutral palette giving all other material and accessories to shine and it is absolutely easy to change unlike your flooring,fixtures etc.With a neutral palette,you are not only creating a luxurious feel to your living room,you are allowing the room grow with you.All you need do when you are bored with your living room design and want a makeover in the future is just to swap your furnitures or accessories,or change the accent colour you previously used.

Revamp Luxury

Beddings ‘n’ Beyond

2. Artwork – I cannot overemphasize enough the effect artworks gives to a space.Artworks instantly transforms a space giving that sophisticated look to your living room.Your living room needs a focal point,why not use an eye-catching artwork to create that.

Vivabella Designs

Beddings ‘n’ Beyond

3. Light Fixture – Do you know what a statement light fixture can do to a space? It adds class and a luxe feel to your living room.It turns your living room from ordinary to extraordinary instantly updating the ambiance of your space.

Moonstone Interiors

4. Fragrances – Your sense of smell is one of the five senses that humans have.And it is connected to memory.You just imagine going to a beautiful home and the first you notice is the smell,it puts you off immediately no matter how stunning that living room is.With a good fragrance,it helps us appreciate our home more.

Lohn Lagos

Just Jules 

5. Invest in quality sofa – All those your sofas that are bent to one side,that once you sit on it,it slides you to the other end,THROW IT OUT! Lool, And invest in a quality sofa that will last you for years.In every living room you see on instagram ,pinterest or magazines the first thing you take note of is the sofas before your eyes starts to admire the décor of the space.

Trtarredo Spaces

Goldland Interiors

6. Throw Pillows – Investing in good throw pillows gives your living room more oomph!It is one of the elements in your space that instantly transforms your living room.Using beautiful throw pillows are the simplest way to give you that impeccably sophisticated finish in your living room.

Oeurve Designs

Goldland Interiors 

With these secrets I have shared,I hope you will be able to incorporate these tips into your space without breaking the bank.Let me know in the comment section what you think and if you will be trying these tips.


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