Sitting at my desk alone,OK not alone really,(because I have my one year old hovering around me),wondering what I should talk about.And I said to myself,’’why don’t I talk about,personal style in interior designing?”
Before you take on a project, you need to know what your design style is,style that you gravitate towards so that you don’t waste your time and money in purchasing items you will get bored of over time.You need to know your personal style to be able to design your home,office or any space of your choice.

Interior Culture by Obiageli

There are a lot of interior designers home and abroad that I admire a lot and I have been able to know their designs probably because I gravitate towards those type of style which is contemporary,transitional (a cross between traditional and contemporary)style. And once you do not know your interior design style, you tend to collect a lot of stuffs into your space and at the end of the day you find out there is no rhythm and balance. And for you to have a cohesive space,the principles and elements of design has to work hand in hand.Your personal style should reflect you!
If you doubt your abilities to do this on your own,then consider hiring a skilled interior designer to help you.


1. Take a walk through instagram and pinterest
There are thousands of inspiring pictures from interior designers around the world there. You can save pictures of the work of interior designers you gravitate towards for reference later and narrow it down to the one that you know is more of your style.You will find out that there are pictures that you have saved that are similar in style.

Sayaveth Interiors

2. Take a quiz!
I took this houzz quiz and it was actually spot on with the style of design I prefer.You can try it out.Its pretty interesting and fun,take this fun quiz at houzz.Have in mind that they aren’t 100% accurate,because design is a very personal thing.But with this quiz,It may help you put a name on your decorating style and may even give you some more ideas.

Sophie Paterson Interiors.

3. Meet with an interior designer.
If all else fails,and you are still searching your head when it comes to finding your design style,set up a consultation with an interior designer to help you narrow down what you like and don’t like,help you design your ideal space and even help you source for décor items and furnitures that suit you.
Tell us about your interior style! What do you think your personal style is?let us know in the comment.


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