Heyyy IDHN lovers! I have been MIA for some time now, and sincerely, I am soooo sorry about that. *teary*

I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much?

Being a mum comes with a lot of commitments such as running a home and two beautiful kids under the age of 3.

May God help all the wonderful women out there trying to run a home at the same time running a business!

More grease to your elbow, you need to give yourself a pat on the back, because it’s not easy but we try to make sure everything runs smoothly both in our business and home.

May God continue to provide the strength.

It seems I am ranting, pardon me guys!

Let’s get back to the business of the day; Artworks.

Do you know that having a piece of  artwork in your space can make a huge difference?

I know most people do not believe in hanging artworks, they would rather have their pictures on every available wall in their home. I am not saying it’s a bad thing, but come on who really does that any more?

You can have a wall gallery of your family pictures on one wall and artwork on another to keep the room interesting.

Vivabella Designs
Beddings n Beyond

It is important to note that the awareness and appreciation of art in our homes has grown over the years. A good piece of artwork totally adds a positive vibe to a space. It gives the room live and makes it more comfortable.
With thousands of style of art available, knowing what is right for your home can be a bit tricky. Here’s how to narrow it down to the most important tips when choosing an artwork for your home:

Buy what you love – We cannot overemphasize this statement “BUY WHAT YOU LOVE” enough. Do you know why? It is because you will be living with your artwork day in day out and you want to buy something that you are in love and comfortable with. I remember looking at an instastory on instagram of the CEO of Interiorculturebyobiageli, when they chose an artwork for a client for their living room and the client said the artwork looks weren’t comfortable with the artwork. To the interior designer it looked beautiful for the space but to the client,they weren’t comfortable with it. So, when buying an artwork for our space, buy what you love and are comfortable with.




Colour Schemes – When choosing your artwork,it is important to consider the color scheme of your space.You will need to choose an artwork that consists of some of the color of the room you are designing.You need to consider the furnishings, pillows, curtains, accessories, etc. because you do not want an artwork that does not complement your space.

Beddings n Beyond
Zen Decor


Size Matters – Before going out to get an artwork for your space, you make sure you get the dimensions of the wall your artwork will be placed on.You do not want a small artwork on a large wall.The artwork has to fit into space not lost in it. Although, you could get smaller artworks and group them on a large wall to make a wall gallery.



Vivabella Designs

With these few tips,I hope I have narrowed down ways you can incorporate artwork into your space?
If you have any helpful tips, you can add it to the comment section below.

I would also love to hear from you, has this post helped you?


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