How to Design a Shared Bedroom Space for Kids Like a Pro

I know at one point in time in our lives, when we were little, we had to share a bedroom with our siblings.Imagine that year how you quarrelled because you didnt have your own privacy.Although,it was a good bonding experience, i know you do not want to go through that experience with settling fights between your kids.And as a parent,you can’t be a referee all the time.(LOL).

But in a case where you have a small space and your kids have to share a bedroom,it does not have to be a challenge for you as a parent.If you follow this approach i will be giving out,its safe to say there will be no more fighting for space in their room.Below are some visual tips to get you started on designing your kids room like a pro.

  1. COLOUR PALETTE: One element that can never go wrong when designing a room for siblings is neutral wall colours. Kids generally already have items that are colorful, from their toys to books, so in other to give a cohesive look, a neutral coloured wall is a great backdrop.By using a neutral wall color,you can use a colorful bedspread,the bed can be in a solid or patterned color to differentiate whose bed belongs to which kid etc.To complement the neutral palette chosen, layer it with complementary colors and pattern like the bedsheets, rugs, pillows etc
    Vivabella Designs

    This soft and serene sister space is simply elegant,upholstered bed, fluffy down comforter. This space for 2 is lovely, no matter the ages or personalities involved.

  2. ACCESSORIES:The fun part about designing any space is accessorizing, talk more of when designing kids bedroom, there are a lot of fun accessories to choose from.Select design elements to match their personalities to make them feel like they have their space.You can personalize accessories throughout the room like having their name customized on the wall. It adds excitement to any space or monogram their initials on a throw pillow.
    Vivabella Designs

     In a grey or white room, try accenting with a color of accessories of your choice or if your kids are grown,you can ask them to choose the accent color for their room.Take for example, you can add patterns like stripes, or chevron to give the room character.We wouldn’t advise going with a themed room when designing a shared bedroom because it will restrict the design you want, rather, go for colour combos such as white and grey, turquoise and white or a mix of primary colors work well for both boys and girls.

    Zen Decor
    Vivabella Designs

    Zen Decor

One of the toughest things about having your children share a room is that all privacy disappears. For example, you can buy two of everything like dresser, bed,nightstand etc. to create a personal and private area for each child.Or in a case where there is no much space,you can draw inspiration from the room below by making a shared dresser.. 

Vivabella Designs
Parliamo Bambini
Beddings n Beyond
Beddings n Beyond
Beddings n Beyond



Do you have other ideas on how to share bedrooms for your kids? Drop your comments below.


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