Unique Ways you can Totally Style your Sofa

Do you know that you do not need to splurge on a new sofa before you can update the one you have?

And besides, in this recession where it costs much to change sofas.

But with this tips to style your sofa, you will be spending just a little sum of money.


We have rounded up a few key tips to instantly update your sofa.So, let’s get started, shall we?


1.  Pillows – you can never go wrong with throw pillows. Just invest in some neutrals and a pop of colour to brighten up your sofa. For example, if you have a black sofa or grey sofa you can buy two patterned pillows and two coloured ones to give your sofa character. it also gives an instant update to your sofa.

Vivabella Designs

2.  Rug – you can update the look of your sofa by adding rug, and it depends on the shade of the chair. For example, for a neutral coloured sofa like black or grey, you can add a rug that is brightly coloured, so that the sofa does not look bland and boring.

Bonneaffair Rugs

We love the rug used for this home below, it gives the space character and it is not boring, it gives you something to look at

Luxus Interiors

Most times when you are confused, just go neutral, like the black rug used in the above picture.


3 Artwork – I am sure most people don’t believe in putting up artworks in your living room, but do you know that it instantly lifts the space just like the other tips given above. It gives the eye something to look at and also gives your space a cohesive look and it ties the space together.

Oeuvre Designs
Vivabella Designs

We absolutely love the artwork above the sectional sofa. And do you know you can draw inspiration from your artwork? You can see that the colour scheme of this living room is inspired by the above artwork.

Interior Stop Centre

4 Light- you know how we talked about how well you can brighten your space in one of our older posts by having bright overhead light, you can read this post here. it’s important but also having a free standing lamp or a table lamp gives your sofa ambience, making your sofa look cosy.

BonneAffair Rugs
Vivabella Designs
Urbanliving Lagos

This made in Nigeria Lamp by caxtonalileliving is to die for. Don’t you think so?

 Accessories – oh, how we love accessories.So, for the final touches Just add your accessories like vases, coffee table books, flowers etc.there are lots of options.T his is another key that instantly gives your sofa a cohesive look like the ones below will instantly elevate a blank surface. It likes jewellery for your space.

Urbanliving Lagos
Vivabella Designs
Luxus Interiors

 Or something as simple as this coffee table styling.

Trust me you wouldn’t want to get up from your sofa anymore once you try these tips.

Let us know once you try theses tips.


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