Trend Alert: Geometric Pattern

Did you know that the ancient Greek and morrocans used bold geometric patterns as part of their architectural and interior design.Fascinating right?

Due to its versatility and boldness,geometric pattern has managed to last throughout the ages.The sweetest part is that it can be incorporated into any design style.

There is no harm in following a current trend so far its done correctly.It is also a great way to give your space a modern and polished look.

So with that,we have put together for you amazing geometric trends.

Would you use these design trend in your home,how and where would you use it?

Kindly let us know in the comment section.

Console table by Interiorculturebyobiageli
Beddings by Bedding n Beyond
Elle and Taylor Decor
Wall Design Beddings n Beyond
Beddings n Beyond
Coffee table, UrbanLiving Lagos
Leather Wall Panel,chuvie decor
Bonneaffair Rug

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