15 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas you Might not have thought of!

When it comes to that special person in your life, it might be quite difficult finding the perfect gift for that person. 

And when it comes to our mothers, it is way more difficult because you want to get her the world, because they have had our backs since we were babies.

So we have made your job easier by narrowing it down to the perfect gift for mumsi (Nigerians understand the slang).

So, in celebration of mothers day which is around the corner; here are our recommendations of the coolest gift ideas any mom would love.

Pillow and linen spray from beddings n beyond


Noji art stunning mug set


Esther & Elizabeth “Amour” Perfume


Esther & Elizabeth Scented Candles


Taeillo Custom made Ottomans


Noji Art The ‘Naija Mega Diva Babe’ NMDB Shawl


Round Crystal Wall Clock from Meraviglia Interiors


Vivabella Custom made throw pillows


Caxtonalile custom made lamp


Custom made side stool from Goldland Interiors


Handy Baskets for little knick-knacks from Siod Leather


Siod leather Envelope Wallet for carrying passports travel documents,currencies


Custom made picture frame from CRAFTECTHUBS with a special word of your choice


Jewellery box from Pinceto


A night or two at the Sayaveth Hotel Apartment

OK, not the building.. Lool, but a night or two at the sayaveth hotels for some alone time because mothers do need it.

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