Types of Dining Tables you should know

Almost all of us have dining tables in our homes, however, do you know that knowing the right type of dining table and chairs for your dining area is important because dining tables tend to stay longer than most furniture pieces in your home?

Yes, they do.

Image Credit:Interiorculturebyobiageli

They don’t get changed easily like your living room furniture, therefore, your dining table should be one that will last longer, and at the same time be functional and stylish.In this article, we will be talking about knowing the right type of dining table for your space, before you pick up one.

And so, these are the three most common types of dining tables used in our homes.

We have:

1. Rectangular Dining Table

2. Square Dining Table

3. Round Dining Table


1. Rectangular Dining Table – this is a go-to shape for most people. A table like this is not just long in shape but pleasing to the eye because it takes the area of a space into consideration, it also accommodates more than four people on it. This shape of table can also feel overly formal and to make it feel less formal, you can use chairs that are casual to soften the look of a rectangular type of dining table. Also, a bench can be added to this shape to give it a unique feel. It is also the best choice for a long narrow dining room area.

Types of Dining Tables you should know
Image Credit:Zen Decor
Types of Dining Tables you should know
Image Credit: Interiorculturebyobiageli

2. Square Dining Table –this is the simplest table design this type of dining table is a great choice for rooms that are square in shape, they are perfect for four people because of the shape and its equal sides. It allows everyone in closer proximity than a rectangular table, but this choice of table is rarely used in most homes.

Image Credit:Goldland Interiors


Image Credit:Zen Decor

3. Round dining table –if your dining area is not so big, it is good to invest in a round table because this takes up less space, they create an environment that is warm,cozy and casual. This is also a perfect choice for a family with young kids because there will be no sharp edges. It also allows for more flexible seating. If you have to buy a four seater, six can usually be accommodated easily but be sure not to over crowd your table with chairs because it is going to look cluttered and you wouldn’t want that.

Types of Dining Tables you should know

What types of dining table do you use in your home? Care to share with us?

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