Styling your Sideboards in Nigeria

Who doesn’t love a quality sideboard?


Styling your Sideboards in Nigeria
Sideboard by Goldland Interiors

This lovely bespoke sideboard was designed by Goldland Interiors, an interior design showroom based in Ogba-Ikeja, Lagos.
Get in here interior designers, decorators, homeowners, we have this bespoke sideboard from Gold Land Interiors!

To know how to integrate this amazing piece into your design, continue reading!
This piece can be placed anywhere in our home, it can be placed in your living room as a console table, it can also be placed in the dining room, ante room, hallway, bedroom etc.
There are different ways this sideboard can be styled, it can be styled by adding wall arts above the sideboard which is a simple way to style it, you can also add mirrors above this piece by choosing an eye-catching frame for the mirrors.
Another way to style this piece is by placing picture frames on top of the sideboard or hanging a couple of pictures, placing lovely vases and lamps, and so on.
There are a lot of amazing ways to style this piece. I hope this post helped a lot?
Let me know what you think by commenting below!

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