Starting a Moodboard

You remember in our last post we talked about understanding your space, if you haven’t read it, you can read it by clicking here.


Starting a Moodboard
This is an example of a moodboard using

I am of the opinion that you have studied and understood it, now it’s time to talk about styling it. Before that, you have to gather information on what you want your style to project, that’s where a moodboard comes to play…yaaay!! excited?

Now it’s time to make a moodboard…..but first of let me explain what a moodboard is.

Whats a moodboard? Should I explain it in a layman’s language or professionally…ok…lets’ do it the layman’s way, so we understand.

A mood board is a board that one puts together all your findings you want for your space,like the pictures of living room inspirations, all in a place.

We all do that, we see a picture we like and save for future references, home accessories like lamps, wall clocks, flower arrangement, rugs, colour, the furniture style, etc. By doing that, you are already putting together a style and theme you want to project, but remember function is the key.

You do not want to place a furniture that cannot work in your space, take for example, placing a large sofa in a small space, you get my drift…

You can check out this app, they have this amazing app to put together a mood board for those that are not 3d users.

Or better still you can download pictures to your phone of the collection of décor you want like the colour scheme, rug, picture frames, throw pillows, sofas, TV unit, coffee table etc and putting it in a folder. With that, you will see that you are gravitating towards a style of your own.

So that’s that…hope I explained to you properly and you understood?

What do you think? please share your thoughts in the comment box below!


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